Shipwaves Introduces Real-time Freight Tracking

A Game Changer For Ensuring Supply Chain Stability

Gone are the days when you’d pick up your phone asking your forwarder where your shipment is, only to realize there’s no answer for hours or days together.

Shipwaves is now working harder than ever to equip you with tools that give you complete view of your shipment in transit, irrespective of the carrier. You no longer need to contact carriers to locate your shipment. We bring this information to you, on your screen, so you can predict, prevent and take action on obstacles in the path of your shipments.

Shipwaves LIVE Freight Tracker

Eliminate blind spots with high-quality, on-time & complete information about your ocean shipment’s whereabouts and possible bottlenecks even before they occur.

Accurately monitor your shipment in transit.

Pinpoint the exact location of your shipment in real-time on a visual map, alongside a progressive timeline of milestones & events that includes details about loading, discharge, trans-shipment, vessel arrival and departure. With this, ETA of every next milestone is at at your disposal.

In case of warnings about delays, rollovers and unusual waiting times, you’re instantly notified about that and how it would affect future milestones. Your ability to foresee delays lets you take action to schedule your supply chain backup plans, if required.

“With real-time tracking system, changes in arrival times are visible beforehand, which supports overall planning of our supply chain, ultimately reducing cost.”

Says happy customer Shrimant Pawar, Logistics Manager at Kristron Controls & Systems, who has been using Shipwaves LIVE tracker for over a month now.

Not just on-ocean, but door-to-door activity updates too.

When you start a shipment with Shipwaves, you’re assigned a team of executives, which coordinates on all levels, for smooth execution of your shipment. This team makes sure you’re in the know as your shipment progresses through various steps in the process. From the time the delivery order is issued, you’re provided with on-time, up-to-the-minute info about your cargo; i.e; exactly when the cargo is picked up, container stuffed, customs cleared, gated-in, boarded onto vessel, BL released and payment completed.

Port & terminal based recommendations, plus more.

Your personal team of experts also provides you with tactical recommendations on-the-fly. For example, with port and terminal monitoring data we can recommend a different port of loading for your shipment to avoid congested ports beforehand.

Let Your Consignees Track Shipments Too

Keep your consignees in the loop as well. Allow them to track the shipment themselves. Simply share the tracking link, without having them sign up or log in.

“ With Shipwaves, I can even share the same tracking view I see, with my consignee. Now we don’t need to worry about updating our consignee about every milestone.”

Says Sachin Gupta, GM — Vippy Soya, current user of our system, whose continuous feedback has been super valuable in driving features on Shipwaves product.

The Strategic Advantage

With real-time freight visibility, you have the ability to optimize your supply chain, manage your inventory better, and carry out your day-to-day operations efficiently. Real-time cargo information accompanied with real-time & predictive weather, traffic & location data, provides unmatched assessment of arrival times that is critical for eliminating surprises and additional costs.

These days, real-time freight visibility is being indicated as a mandatory requirement in many RFPs received by shippers. End customers have growing demands like delivery of cargo within a specified time window. In times like these, the cost of not being able to meet such specific requirements is huge, financially, and could also mean business opportunity lost.

As our customers understand, real-time tracking gives them the strategic advantage to help win more business and keep existing customers satisfied.

Would you like us to track your next shipment? Get started.

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