Turning Information into a competitive advantage


“Charts with statistics on the screen of a laptop” by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

John, a coach of an American college sports team was tasked to turn around a lowly ranked team with minimal resources. And coach John & his team, did it. How did they do that? With —

  1. Ambition, Motivation
  2. Practice, hard work
  3. Smart strategy

For the best of strategies — John used data and insights about his players and that of the opposition’s, for every single game. John turned information into a competitive advantage.

Story sounds familiar? MoneyBall?

Now in the game of international trade, a David can beat the likes of Goliath in securing business by making the most of his available resources.

At Shipwaves, we are continuously thinking about how information can be surfaced and turned into shipper’s advantage, at the right time. Here are a few ways how we do this —

  • When you meet buyers at trade conferences — it’s an opportunity to close deals. With Shipwaves instant freight estimator on mobile, you have the power to quote instantly to prospective buyers, simply by adding your commodity’s FOB price, right there.
  • Knowing exactly where your cargo is at anytime, and getting notified about impending delays, rollovers, and unusual waiting times is a critical piece in the planning your supply chain. Shipwaves passes that information to you at the right moment, so you don’t have to waste time & energy calling up carriers or logistics providers.
  • Keeping consignees informed about shipment whereabouts and exact arrival times, so they can plan their supply chain accordingly is a super-power you can grant your partners with. With a ‘share tracking link’ this is exactly what you as our customer would be able to do.
    P.S — A lot of customers have told us that this has tipped business in their favor over their competitors, who can’t provide this level of advanced visibility on their shipments
  • Analyze your carrier performance, historical lead times, and utilize your shipping data insights to drive contract negotiations and future allocation decisions. We assist you via our business dashboard and intelligence tools.

At Shipwaves, we empower you with access to information that matters, so you are always in command of your business.

Turn that information into your competitive advantage!

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